The Rebel

by Jessiquoi

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With the tools of the trade
You can build grenades
Or you can give aid
Or you can degrade
You can get paid, get laid
In the name of the art form you betrayed
Take a step back
Take a look what you made
At the children you've raised
On your double edged blade x2
With the dignity
Of the music industry
Lying in tatters
Brain food for the masses
Is what matters
To keep people buying
Cos they can't get enough
But 'course they need more
'Cos you don't fill 'em up
Your stuff is just grit
You mixed it with cement just to thicken it
Sprinkled it with tits
Make it seem legit?
I'm sick of it

Who made a mess here?
Oh that was Jess yeah
Was gonna tell you a story
Now I'm not even sorry and I
Who made the floor fall?
There's nothing to walk on
Gonna hijack me
But I'm a flying beast

There's a kick in my chest
Bass pools in my stomach
Snare snaps from my shoulder to my elbow
Hi-hats ticking in my wrists
Carry the treble from my feet to my hips
My life was made in China
Living costs are minor
I thought I had a handle on it
But when I tried to hold on that shit broke off
Can't complain though right?
Cos it's all flashy lights
Greasy foods, hot dudes
And you think you got a pistol?
Well I got two
And they're for me not for you
And this business is a small town
And we need some instructions
Cos fame is constructed
And I don't have your prerequisites
Cos I'm too busy yapping
To worry about my accent
Too busy doing what I love
To give a shit

Chorus x 2

Backed into the corner is where we begin to thrive
The more you push
The more we spill out as the crack opens wide
I am
I am


released July 7, 2017
Written and produced by Jessiquoi
Mixed and mastered by Slade Templeton at Influx Studios



all rights reserved


Jessiquoi Bern, Switzerland

Hi! My name is Jess, why 'Jessiquoi' then, you ask? Well, when I was a kid my little brother used to call me that, it sounded like 'Jessic-waaaah!' when he was trying to get my attention. When I got older I thought I'd be really clever and give it French spelling to make it sound like the phrase 'that certain je ne sais quoi'. Now I'm That Certain Jessiquoi, you see? It's OK. No one gets it. ... more

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